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The Guide

A mental health literacy programme designed to aid students and their teachers

What is The Guide?

The Guide is a comprehensive evidence based programme, proven to increase both teacher and pupil understanding of mental health and mental disorders, decrease the stigma of mental illness and enhance help-seeking efficacy among both students and teachers.

A mental health literacy programme designed to aid students and their teachers to improve their Mental Health knowledge, reduce stigma, and increase help seeking behaviours.

What is Mental Health Literacy?

Mental health literacy for this project is defined as:

  • Understanding how to optimise/maintain good mental health
  • Understanding mental disorders and their treatments
  • Decreasing stigma
  • Increasing help-seeking efficacy

Early adolescence is a time where a dramatic increase in mental disorder diagnosis can be seen. It is therefore essential to equip young people with the skills to manage their own mental health and help recognise if others are struggling.

The Guide project in Wales

The Guide project in Wales has been adapted to be delivered to year 9 pupils and consists of three aspects:

  • 'Go-To' training for educators - a training programme for delivering The Guide
  • Access to on-line resources and videos for teachers to support teaching delivery
  • Six curriculum modules ready for delivery into the classroom

The 'Go-To' training course is required for delivering, the guide. Contact us to find out about continuing professional development opportunities for training.

Enquire about 'Go-To' training

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When you've attended a 'Go-To' training session, we have more than 60 teaching resources to support the programme

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